Managed Service: PaaS – Printing as a Service

The explosion of telecommuting has, among other things, affected the way we print our documents. Several organizations have resorted to purchasing home printers to cater to the needs of staff who work from home.

This option, in addition to its high cost for the supply of machines, renewal of consumables and maintenance, does not guarantee the required quality of professional prints, as companies usually prefer small models of printers with limited capabilities.

Multifunction offers an advanced printing Leasing solution, specially designed for your organization, Printing as a Service (PaaS). Offered as a leasing service, PaaS is an ideal choice for organizations that want a more flexible printing environment, free from the high predictable costs of purchasing machines, but also the unpredictable costs of maintaining them.

Choosing a PaaS solution from Multifunction:

  • You rent – ​​and don’t buy – the printers from top manufacturers you want.
  • You always have all the consumables you need to print at your disposal, throughout the leasing period.
  • You are freed from any stress about maintenance and consumables, as the solution includes a warranty for the entire duration of the lease, as well as any additional consumables you may need, at an agreed cost from the beginning.

Contact us today to design together your own PaaS program, tailored exclusively to your business needs and requirements.

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