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We can be your guide to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure can help you save time and money, but managing a public cloud takes time and resources. Multifunction can be your guide in your Azure migration and operation, whether it’s the initial migration assessment, or at a later stage, managing complex monitoring or operational and optimization issues. In addition, migrating to the cloud can be more complex than first thought and may require specialized technology skills that only certified experts have.

Managed Solutions for Microsoft Azure is the answer for businesses that want to ‘go up’ to the cloud. We can guide your business to become more flexible, secure, certified and operationally efficient. Let our certified engineers manage your cloud while you manage your business.

We’ll help you create a comprehensive migration strategy and leverage all the benefits of the cloud without losing security or disrupting your operations. We monitor performance, offer you expert advice and support and – with scalability and elasticity in mind – guide you to optimize cost and efficiency.

Migrating to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the leading global public cloud offering on the market today. The ever-expanding set of infrastructure and platform services that integrate with your current workload make Microsoft Azure the obvious choice for most businesses. If you’re running Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, or even Open Source Linux on-premises today, we can help you migrate to Microsoft Azure so you can start taking advantage of the scale, security, and technology advancements available. Multifunction offers the full range of cloud services that can help navigate the cloud landscape, public or hybrid. Whether you want to build a multi-cloud strategy to diversify your cloud environment or you just need one platform, we design a strategy that’s best suited for your business. You choose the cloud deployment scenario that’s right for you — whether it’s public, private or hybrid cloud.

Multifunction is a Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) of Microsoft. This means you can buy Azure subscriptions directly from us and take advantage of our additional bundled services at no extra cost and our unique product offering like Azure CSP credits.

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