Historical Route


The company begins its journey in the field of Technology with two "MULTIRAMA" stores, with the franchise method, in lower Patisia (MULTIRAMA Acharnon) & in Kallithea (MULTIRAMA Kallithea).

2000 - 2011

The company's philosophy is based on the principles of reliability, trust with customers, optimal economy and consistent after sales support. Also, a primary principle is the continuous upgrading of its human potential & corporate identity, in the context of continuous developments in the field of Technology.


After the departure of the parent company "MULTIRAMA" from the field of IT stores, the company is renamed MULTIFUNCTION. The objectives & principles remain the same & more emphasis is placed on B2B of Public & Private sector businesses.

2013 – Now

The company is further developed based on their human resources & customer base. Permanent goal, the maximum possible satisfaction of its customers & the continuous upgrading of its executives & its brand name.

Today, with an eye on the Future

The company keeps unchanged the principles that govern it over time, giving greater importance to its human and customer-centric character. It is constantly upgraded, both with specialized human resources and with continuous certifications, in order to possess deep technical knowledge and offer responsible and high-level services in every IT project.

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Partnerships with public and private agencies.
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Happy Customers

The goal of the people of Multifunction, as a team, is to quickly  respond promptly, serve and create a sense of trust in its customers, regardless of size, which is demonstrated by its diverse and secure partnerships.

This is the path we have chosen to achieve our corporate goals and efforts. Our lasting reward, the timeless quality excellence of Multifunction..

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