Multifunction, in collaboration with the largest manufacturers, offers solutions that cover all the requirements of your business. Our engineers undertake the study and design of a solution according to your needs, as well as the installation and support of the equipment. Also, the possibility of renting equipment is provided, reducing the initial investment of purchasing the equipment.

Servers - Storage

Servers are powerful 24/7/365 hosts that store and distribute information to other computers over the internet. Servers can be used to send and receive email, store files, manage databases and other uses. They are essential to the operation of the internet and the services we use every day on our computer.

Storage servers are powerful computers dedicated to storing and managing digital data. They ensure that data is secure, easily accessible and can be shared between users or applications in a short time.


A workstation is a specialized computer designed for technical or scientific applications but the term has also been used loosely to refer to anything from a mainframe computer terminal to a computer connected to a network.

Workstations offer higher performance than basic PCs, especially in terms of CPU and graphics, memory capacity, and multitasking capability


A laptop computer/notebook is an electronic computer of small size and weight with easy portability, which has energy autonomy. The laptop incorporates many innovative technologies at an affordable cost.

Printers - Multifunction Printers

A printer is an output device of a computer system, the purpose of which is to permanently capture (print) the information created by the use of software, on a physical medium (usually, but not only, paper).


A peripheral device is any device that is connected to a computer system, is not part of it and depends more or less on it. Peripherals expand the capabilities of the system, but do not affect the processing power.

Conference Systems

Video projectors are used for many applications such as boardroom presentations, classroom training, cinemas and concerts.

Video conferencing is the two-way or multiple reception and transmission of audio and video signals by people in different locations for real-time communication.

Digital Signage - Infokiosk

New approach to public information

The smart information terminals – InfoKiosk is a computer terminal equipped with specialized software and equipment to provide access to communication, commercial, entertainment or educational information and applications.

Advertising, Update, and Information using multimedia, all in one terminal and at the same time.

With full statistical update of the movement of all interactive terminals, using Google Analytics.


At the cutting edge of technology.

Electronic solar bus stops with WiFi capability, charging station, interactive touch screen, etc.


For train stations, bus stations, ports, airports.


Interactive, multilingual, with a modular design, it enables its administrator to control its operation and the updating of the content of the terminals from afar, without close human intervention.

The system is developed, modified & adapted.


The presence of a technician in their place of operation is not required. Systems inform their managers by e-mail & SMS with their real-time display as and when a malfunction or failure occurs.

We also undertake the Management of any publicly available information equipment whether it is new or old.

  • Interactive electronic kiosks – Info kiosks up to 22″ screens
  • Electronic panels – Info panels up to 55″, single and double sided
  • Electronic signs 32 – 55” of general information & routes
  • Electronic interactive showcases 32 – 102”

Smart Lockers

Smart Lockers are an innovative combination of flexible workplace storage that offers:

  • Improved flexibility and usability.
  • Greater security and governance.
  • New efficient processes.
  • End to end monitoring.
  • 24 hour access with different security options.
  • Reports (reporting).

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